About Us



L’ETUI. Dressing a jewel.


We have been designing and producing cases for jewellers, goldsmiths, silversmiths and watchmakers since 1996.
We are based in Milan, where we have both our administration offices and manufacturing facilities, where we employ advanced technology machinery.
Our products are distributed to top jewellers in Italy and the rest of the world by highly qualified agents.

We introduce new articles every season and are able to follow our clients’ changing needs with great flexibility.
Dressing jewels with fantasy, and with an ever attentive eye on materials, trends and colours.
Classic, but also innovative.

Giving the magic of a jewel a frame that makes it unique.



Caring for the environment and energy saving are major priorities for us.

We use solar power panels to produce clean energy in fact,
with the dual benefit of polluting less and spending less: meaning savings for our clients too.


Azienda a risparmio energetico (pannelli fotovoltaici) licenza fiscale MIE02783W – Prot. n. 2011A21582 – Reg. Prot. AGT UD-M12 n. 2011A21583